About Bellissima Salon/Spa and reviews


The power of change lies within all of us. The entire staff of Bellissima Salon/Spa would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for allowing us to serve you. Our goal here at Bellissima is to provide wellness and Self-preservation. We specialize in beauty, health and most importantly inner peace. Come in and join us to balance your mind, body, and spirit.


  • Arrive 20 minutes prior to your spa appointment to relax, breathe and change into your spa attire. Keep in mind that your appointment may have to be shortened as a courtesy to our next guest if you arrive late.
  • All of our guests enjoy and expect a peaceful atmosphere during their visit. Please help contribute to this atmosphere by silencing all cell phones and pagers while in the spa area.
  • Reviews:


    Max R. V.

    Don't waste your money. Every time you ask for a particular therapist, they stick you with whoever they want. And they are horrible. They need to go back to massage therapy school.


    Linda D.

    I recently moved to Houma from New Orleans so I was in need of a local salon that provided waxing as well. To make a long story short I had waxing services for a Brazilian and a leg wax. When I got home I noticed how poorly the waxing had been done. There were literally patches of hair still remaining on my legs and The Brazilian was only what one would call a bad bikini wax. I called the salon back and explained what I saw. She had me return to the salon to wax the part of my legs she had missed. When I came home it still looked like she had only waxed certain patches.  I will never trust this salon again. Nor will I recommend it.