Better than sex is ...

Better that sex is eating without getting fat, not having to get up early or brand new shoes.
Miobsession for the shoes comes from a long time ago I still remember clearly when one day my mother bought me some sneakers that had a motoohhh painted as I ran with those shoes " because they had a motodibujada "much more than with those who did not have it haha. Of course the shoes ran nooo that goes.
Dicenque we use some shoes or others depending on the mood of each person and therefore for this casual look that I put on a few weeks ago for the holy week I chose my beautiful black shoes with studs.
The weather was not very hot that day so I chose to go warm. Yes, with my heels that I love, until the day I fall or break a skin then I assure you that I would not like anything!
 casual look
casual look
casual look
For this outfit I chose:
Jacket: Rosegal
Jersey: Local store
Jeans: Bershka
Bag: Local store
Pendant : Cristain Lay
Shoes: Dresslily
How about this casual look ? Kisses