Diy vase with clothespins

Hello girls!
On Sundays it's my vagrancy day ... but it's also the days I take to do some diy since it is the day I have more time, so today I bring you this trick for girls to decorate.
Today I had planned to make a vase although I life has cost me and the allergy we are not friends we get very bad.
I am based on pills and even then I have all the day with the fallen tears ... but when I went to pick up the flowers I heaped my breath and here is the diy vase .

How to make a diy vase with clothespins:

diy vase

For this diy of a very simple vase with tweezers We will need:

- One can, serve any tuna ...
- Wooden tongs
- Nail polish of a dark color
- Colored paper
- Flowers
- The first thing we do is take the tin of tuna or similar, this is the blue one, so I chose a color that resembles it to paint over and that you do not notice what it says below.

- When the nail polish is completely dry we are simply putting tweezers as you can see in the image.

Diy vase with clothespins
- We draw hearts and cut them . If you are as good as me cartoonists and for you to get a good heart you have to do 50, when one is more or less well do not complicate your life and simply put it down.Kisses