How to reduce the waist. Beauty tricks to get it

Hello girls!
The days go by the weeks and every time we see the summer closer and something most of the girls are worried about the bikini operation is to reduce the waist where they accumulate noxious "love handles" or "cartridge belts", so today I bring you a beauty tricks to reduce the waist :

Beauty tips to reduce the waist:

- The first trick for beauty to reduce l to waist is to eliminate foods from your diet with more fat and fried foods. And especially junk food, jellybeans, chips, burgers, pizzas, ice creams ...
- Frequently take these 3 foods, skimmed yogurt, blueberries and you red. These 3 are the best allies to burn fat.
- Reduce calories, about 400 calories a day is fine. This does not mean that you go hungry just in the afternoon you eat 2 donut with 200 calories each, replace it with 2 pieces of fruit.
- A good trick to reduce the waist is to perform hula hoop exercises, simply with the hoop we will make circular movements to reduce the waist. You can do 10 minutes, rest, another 10 minutes, rest again and then another 10 minutes.
- In addition to specific exercises we also have to do exercises for the whole body since we will eliminate localized fat this can only be done with surgery, exercise varied, running, jumping ... at least 4 days a week for 30/45 minutes.

- Drink water with lemon in the morning, because it also has more benefits like we saw in Benefits of drinking water with lemon in the mornings.

- Drinking two liters of water a day.

- Take infusions of green tea, this it helps us to burn fats faster.

Do you want to reduce your waist ? Did you know these tricks for girls ?