Monthly food box Premium samples

Hello girls!
I was browsing the other day by instagram when I saw that Sara from Lovingcosmetic had uploaded a photo of the monthly box of Food Premium Samples on your instagram and I was already looking forward to getting home if my little box was waiting for me and when I got home that way the premium samples box was there.
monthly food box

The monthly box of premium samples for April contains:

"Tapas" Patatas bravas and PatatasAli Oli Carretilla; at home, at work, at the beach, when you go on a trip ... any situation is gelled to enjoy the new "De Tapas" range that has just been launched by Carretilla. The enjoyment of tapas anywhere, alone or accompanied. It does not have preservatives, and they have the quality guarantee of Trolley and do not need cold for its conservation.
Real-size products. Cups of 180 gr.
Toasted bread Muesli , start the day by giving yourself a good whim. Enjoy every morning the Muestli Toasted Bread, from REcondo: Delicious and balanced. The perfect combination of fruits and cereals to feel at ease with your figure.
Original size product.
monthly food box
Dinadax Energy, Sapiens and Active. Pharmadiet ; The Mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that give you Max Energy, Max Concentration and Max Defenses.
It is an original food supplement, delicious and very fun that brings you healthy benefits. Find more information in the section
It has no stimulants, nor artificial colors. Strawberry flavor, yogurt or cola. You can take it daily and it is indicated for the whole family.
Real size product, 3 bars of 22 gr
Alpro Rice Drink from Central Lechera Asturiana; is a new and refreshing drink 100% vegetable, is low in fat and without added sugar, gluten or lactose; It is very easy to digest. The new Alpro rice drink, allows you to enjoy the beneficial properties of a cereal like rice, so you can incorporate it into your diet in an easy and simple way. In addition, it has a refreshing flavor, a light texture and is enriched with calcium and vitamins B12 and D. Actual size, 1 liter.
Pinkcow; It is a new generation, versatile and unique soft drink. It does not have any type of exciting. Its natural extracts awaken your most positive side. It has a unique flavor: fresh, warm but they are character, fruity. It only has 140kcal/100 ml.
It is a drink inspired by women, but it is ideal for those who want to drink it.It is made from the plant originally from Asia, called Konjac, hence the name of the sponge. It is indicated for all skin types, it is 100% natural, it has no dyes, no additives and it is biodegradable. You have to moisten the sponge with a little warm water and make circular movements on the face. Check the qualities, how to use and care for this special sponge in Magic Coast, in the section Brands Product original size.
Depilation forceps with LED Light; Precision clamps firmly grasp even the shortest and thinnest hairs and do not slip from the hand. Thanks to its built-in flashlight, you can illuminate the area to be shaved, discovering the invisible hairs. Real size product.
monthly food box
This month the box Premium Samples if I liked it a lot and also it seems very complete Personally, what I liked the most were the pints with light that I will talk about later but I'm really enjoying them. If you have thought about subscribing to a little box, I definitely recommend the box. Premium samples.
What do you think of the monthly food box premium samples? Kisses