My order of dresslily shoes

Hello girls!
If a few weeks ago I wrote you this post My request to dresslily today I could not stop telling you that Effectively after my first low cost purchase on this website, dresslily sent me my new shoes and they are good yupi.

My new dresslily shoes:

I have to tell you that your customer service can not be better at all times they took over and my shoes are already at home.
These are now not available in dresslily but you have many others for very bu enos price 13- 14 euros, and as always I recommend you see the area of ​​free shipping that in my opinion is the area that brings more account.
dresslily shoes

They are about black shoes with studs that stick with any casual look or any if we want to go a little more groomed.

As you can imagine, this kind of shoes are not very comfortable, as they have a platform in front of them, they are not for running a marathon or anything like that, but they can hold up for a while or when you know that you will be sitting for a long time .

EDIT: As time passes companies can go better or worse, in the case of Dresslily it is worse, much worse, this post was written on 24/04/14, but to this day 17/08/2016 I do not recommend this page at all since they take a long time to send and many times lose them.

¿Os Do you like my new dresslily shoes ?