Summer swimwear 2014

Hello girls !!
The other day I teach bikinis for summer and today I come with the swimsuits for this summer , I personally like bikinis more, but I understand that there are people who prefer swimsuits because of scars, tummy or because they feel like it. haha.
So today I bring you a list of my favorite bathing suits:
In Zara can find this for 19.99 €
swimsuits kiabi we can find:
1 . I put the image in black but also have it in pink and another with cleavage same but the price is 8.99 €
2. The second is a striped swimsuit push up its price is € 19.95
3. It is a strapless swimsuit for me the most beautiful although it is not recommended for girls who have a lot of chest.
The decathlon swimsuits are very normal:
The ones I like the most are the wome'secret swimsuits but they are also the most expensive s ... everything can not be good:

What about you swimsuits os Have you liked it more? Kisses