Sunscreen delicate skins

Hello girls!
We already have spring here and its corresponding allergy that I do not book for a single year. With the arrival of spring we begin to see the first rays of the sun and that is why we should start to protect ourselves, so today I want to tell you about the Eclisun protectors , from Dermoestetica del Sur SA

My opinion on Eclisun sunscreens:

ECLISUN protectors have been dermatologically tested and it has been demonstrated that:
one. Noncomedogenic (they do not form pimples), both from their different isolated components and in their final formulation.
2. Hypoallergenic: There are no risks of inducing contact sensitization or photosensitization.
3. Not irritating or erythematogenic (burning sensation)
4. They are not occlusive, so they allow the normal perspiration of the skin.
sunscreen delicate skin
 eclisun delicate skin
The first product that I show you is ECLISUN GEL SPF25 (C n: 158901.9) , it is a fluid and evanescent oil-free emulsion in its composition and that does not give b rillo to the skin.
Reflects UVB, UVA and infrared radiation.
It is especially indicated for people who are going to spend a lot of time in the sun either in summer or in winter, for sports people, post-peelings or treatments Facials in general, skin cancer patients.
It is a very light cream, which absorbs quickly and leaves the skin perfumed.
sun cream delicate skin
ECLISUN CREAM SPF25/CN 233577.6 , is an evanescent water/silicone (W/S) emulsion free of oils in its composition, it does not shine on the skin. Contains pigments that give a color tone.
ECLISUN CREAM reflects UVB, UVA and infrared radiation.
ECLISUN CREMA exerts an exclusively physical filtration by reflection of solar radiation, due to the four different sizes of pigments it contains.
Especially indicated for blondes and redheads, with light eyes and white skin, but also for all people who are going to be exposed to Sun for a long time.
Areas of delicate skin, especially in the facial region and areas of thinner skin like neckline and shoulders, to avoid sunburn inadequate at the beach and pool, in water sports and in the snow.
Cutaneous processes that worsen or are triggered by sun exposure. Being an exclusively physical solar filter, it is the choice in cases of intolerances to chemical filters, which act by absorption of solar radiation.
It is a light cream with special color for those people who are very white.
sunscreen with eclisun color
ECLISUN LOTION SPF25 CN 233585.1 ; it is a fluid and evanescent emulsion free of oils in
its composition, does not give shine to the skin.
A thin layer is applied, spreading it on dry skin. It is advisable to repeat the application during the morning or early afternoon, especially in hot weather or if you sweat. In the same way you should review the application after bathing in the beach or pool. It will also be extremely useful
in water sports and snow.
sunscreens delicate skins
These products can be used generically, but are especially indicated for people with dermatological problems that are The use of generic photoresists is discouraged.
What do you think of the eclisun sunscreens ?