Avoid fat, dandruff and hair loss with professional cosmetics

Hello girls!
Today I'm going to tell you about the feminine cosmetics products of the PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS brand, This factory manufactures hair cosmetics for sale exclusively to hairdressing professionals, with more than 40 years of experience has allowed them to specialize in the manufacture of technical products such as cream dyes, semi-dyes -permanents, temporary dyes, bleaching powders, permanent liquids, hair treatments, product lines for styling, lacquers, masks, etc.
One of its leading products is the dye ARTECOLOR cream that has 87 colors, completely covers the gray hair and leaves the hair soft and shiny.
They also manufacture products with private brands of customers and sell in containers for packaging local.
Your factory is equipped with modern manufacturing machinery and automatic packaging lines so they can supply quickly the orders to the clients and I attest to that because the order has arrived to me very fast !!
Anti-dandruff shampoo of placentinol: Reduces dandruff, moisturizes and softens hair as well as avoiding itching.
Placental skin shampoo:
strong> is a shampoo that contains vitamin B that helps regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. Providing volume and brightness.
In the Placentinol Pack, which is the box you see in the first photo, we find a treatment intensive '6 weeks' against l hair loss , contains a set of products that complement each other getting good results, contains:
Anti-caking lotion: improves blood circulation of the scalp, keeps it healthy and in optimal growth conditions.
Shampoo proteins: formulated for hair care and nutrition favoring oxygenation and regeneration The hair helps to reduce and prevent hair loss.
Anti-fall shock treatment: is a tonic solution with specific action against hair loss.