Careful neck and neckline

Hello girls!
When caring normally neck and neckline are the forgotten ones, although we should not forget it because it is a very thin and sensitive skin that loses its elasticity and dehydrates very easily.
They are also the place where the first wrinkles appear, that's why today I bring you some beauty tricks to take care of the neck and the neckline.

Beauty tricks to take care of our neck and neckline:

- Use moisturizer for the neck just like on the face we will apply it every day in an ascending way for the neckline you can also use a moisturizer or a special one for this area.
- Always use sun protection, the sun accelerates the aging of the skin and if we expose ourselves a lot of time to the sun, wrinkles will come out first. That's why I recommend using a higher sun protection cream in these areas.
- One of the best beauty tricks to care for Our neck and neckline is exfoliate with circles to remove impurities. But do not exfoliate it with a body scrub but you have to do it with a face scrub since it is softer.
- Avoid the sudden changes in weight, or else the skin of these sites will fall off.
- Do not let all the weight of your body fall on the breasts, try not to sleep on your stomach.

- To have a perfect neck and neckline we must also have a correct posture. Those of us who have the luck or misfortune to spend a lot of time on the computer must be very careful, and always have the computer at a correct height, or we will have a bad bill.

- We will clean all of them very carefully the days the zone.

- Do specific exercises for this area, in youtube you will find many, look for Dakidissa.

- If you want the skin to stay smooth apply cold water jets with the shower and jets of hot water on the area.

Do you take care of your neck and neckline ? Did you know these beauty tricks ?