Change the color of your eyes with laser

Hello girls!

It has never happened to you that you know something and you are left with the face of But what are you telling me?

That was the face that should have been left to me when I found out about the latest in a beauty blog from another country and if as you have read in the title of this post it is possible to change the color of our eyes with laser .

How is it possible to change the color of eyes with laser ?

This technique is beginning to be carried out in a clinic in Barcelona with a laser brought from the United States that has not been subjected to any clinical trial until now. only nor is it approved for proper use by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). With this laser, the surface layer of the iris is depigmented over five sessions for a "modest" price of 2000 euros.

But with this technique, apart from clearing your eyes, you can also treat heterochromia (having one eye of each color)

Once patients undergo the laser, they should take a few drops for a week. Then you can make a normal life.

It is certainly a technique for people who have great enthusiasm and money to change the color of their eyes, but I personally would not do it, after all it is an operation, and things can always go wrong because of nonsense.

This reminds me a little of the imprudence of>>> Jewels in the eyes.

Would you change your eyes ?