Tricks so that intimate hair removal hurts less

Hello girls!
Today I bring you new tricks for girls so that intimate bikini hair removal > hurt less. I'm not going to cheat you, there are no mamas hurting hurt but ... now we have ...

Tricks so that intimate waxing hurts less:

1 If you have very long hair before dedepilarte cut it with scissors up to about 6 millimeters. Remember after washing the scissors.
2. Depilate after showering with hot or warm water because the follicles will be more open and will hurt less.
3. Place ice on the area to be shaved to try to numb, and that is less painful. It seems that it does not, but it works, that sometimes I am a pirada of the head I made myself a hole in the ear simply placing ice and with a needle. I AM A DANGER!

But if I endured it, it was because it hurt less. Beware that you are not going to do that the technologies have advanced a lot, now you go to any pharmacy and you do not even know.

4. For intimate waxing to hurt less we should avoid nerves, try to relax, nerves are useless.
5. Do not shave in the days close to the menstruation since your body will be more sensitive and will hurt more.
6. Do not have sex until 24 hours later because your skin will be more sensitive and you are more likely to become infected. And it hurts a little.
7. After depilation use a good moisturizer or an oil containing aloe vera gel. Another option is to get the gel directly from the pot that is more natural and better.
8. Never use a blade in this area, because if you use it once. The next you are going to wax with wax will hurt double.

9. The day before doing this sacrifice we will exfoliate the skin, so that the dead skins will go away.

10. If this is the first time that you depilas the intimate area, do not be scared if a little blood comes out of the extraction of the hairs, a little is normal.

11. Do not be afraid, hit a strong and fast pull. Not doing it the only thing that will do is that you take twice as long and it hurts more.

12. Finally, if you have any hair stuck, do not go without reading REMOVE HEAVY HAIR.

Did you know these > beauty tips for intimate hair removal ? Kisses