Lady gaga without photoshop

Hello girls!
I wrote a long time ago FAMOUS WITH AND WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP and now that has jumped this news could not be less and I had to teach you these photos of Lady Gaga sinphotshop that have been KO
Supposedly (I do not finish it down ... you know there are firms that do everything for advertising) that have been filtered before and after of versace photos with Lady Gaga.
lady gaga without photoshop

Lady gaga without photoshop:

In the photos without photoshop of Lady Gaga even being made up to me it gives me the sensation that it has a face that it has just got up and in those that already have photoshop I see it more dark and with eyes even bigger .

But I really do not know either because it surprises me if all brands do a magazine and you do not find anyone Do not carry photoshop PENOUS !! So if you look in the mirror and you do not like you do not worry is that they keep the mind washed with so much photoshop the problem is not you The problem is that they make you see that others are always divine of death.
lady gaga without photoshop

What do you think about the photos of Lady Gaga without photoshop?

In short, it can not be denied that the change is very big, it is that in those without photoshop it seems that it has just been lifted and in the other it is divine of death.

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What do you think about lady gaga s in photoshop ? Kisses